Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Background and reason of this blog

So to tell you the truth, I am not the blogging type of person, but I've seen many great blogs, and thought it might be interesting to start one of my own. I can get my feelings out and talk about anything I want to really. I have no idea what kind of direction this might go in the future, but as of right now, I can see myself talking about things and places of my past, present, and future, and anything else that might be interesting me at the time. So if anyone actually takes a look at this, tell me what you think. Thank you. =)

Most of you may not know what Kia Kaha means. Kia Kaha means be strong in Maori. But in the one of my favorite movies "Forever Strong" they use the meaning forever strong. For those of you who have not seen this movie, (warning, may contain spoilers) it is about a boy named Rick Penning (played by Sean Farris of Never Back Down) who is plays rugby, and it is basically his whole life. His father is his coach, who is extremely hard on him, and is always his coach and never his father. Rick gets into trouble with the law and gets sent to a juvenile prison, at this prison he is recruited by his rival rugby team to play for them. This team is called Highland Rugby. This team learns more than just how to play and win, but they learn values of everyday life. This team is not allowed to drink, do drugs, or do anything else that would embarass themselves or their family. You can watch the movie for yourself to find about the rest. In this movie they do the maori warrior dance called Ka Mate (look up All Blacks Ka Mate on YouTube). They do the Ka Mate in other cultures like the Tongan Culture, which is the culture background of the Ka Mate in this movie.

I love anything tribal related so of course this movie interested me, and most sports movies tend to be pretty moving. But it was those values that the team lived by that really got to me. Of course everyone wants to party and have fun, but I feel this is the better way to live life, and if more people can incorporate this into their own life and the lives of their peers, then we all could be living much better. We would all be forever strong.

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  1. hey. my names kenna. i was just trying to find any blog that might be interesting to read and i ended up reading yours. i completely agree about incorporating things like this into our lives. something to strive for and a dream to accomplish instead of being drawn into something that will just drag you down. anyway, i enjoyed your blog =)